Nipton was founded on February 9, 1905, with the coming of the first train on the newly constructed San Pedro, Los Angeles & Salt Lake Railroad. It was called "Nippeno Camp" following a nearby discovery of gold. The name was changed to Nipton when the San Pedro, Los Angeles & Salt Lake Railroad merged with the Union Pacific Railroad around 1910. In addition to being a cattle-loading station for several local ranches, the town and depot also supplied numerous mines in the area, becoming a social center for the sparse population of the region.

Disconnect from Reality, Reconnect to Relaxation

Magical Nipton has been transforming over the last year from a small, off-the-map railroad town into a cannabis-friendly, oasis resort. With renovations and expansions throughout property including our ever-changing outdoor art gallery, Nipton is no longer just a stop along the way to a final destination. It is becoming THE destination! If you find yourself in need of a weekend of resetting and relaxing, check out Magical Nipton. We are located just a short distance outside of Las Vegas heading towards Los Angeles.

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