Nipton California Gateway to the Mojave Desert


Cafe in Nipton installs organic farming!

Mark Olson, Sun State Organics ( has installed the latest technology for vertical growing outside the Oasis Cafe in Nipton, California. The cafe serves fresh home-style Mexican food and will use the organic vegtables and herbs in their home-made dishes. Peppers, basil, tomatoes, cucumbers are just some of the food planted. This vertical growing system grows more food in less space using 90% less energy, water and labor. This is very exciting and cutting edge. This type of organic farming fits into Nipton's overall plan of self-sustainability and being energy efficient.


Below is a photo of Fernando Gamez, Oasis cook and operator planting the first vegetables and herbs.


Harley Davidson Frosty Balls Poker Run January 2013



12th Annual Las Vegas "Hawgs for Dogs Run to benefit Guide Dogs of America"
November 15, 2012


Solar Ribbon Cutting


Nipton held an opening ceremony for its new solar generating plant. 
Principal Administrator Gerald Freeman and representatives from Skyline Solar were on
hand to cut the ribbon for Nipton’s first foray into a sustainable community in the desert. 
For more information on Nipton’s Solar capabilities, click here.


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