Nipton California Gateway to the Mojave Desert

1988 - Present


1st visit and we love it already and have only been here 10 minutes!
Dave and Jamie (May 2009)

What fun!  Exploring the Mohave, feeling like we are lost in history!  Scenic, breathtaking adventure.  Thank you for your hospitality and wonderful, clean accommodations!
Jim & Suzy (January 2009)

As city people you don’t know what silence and peace means.  Now we do!
Evelyn & Boudewyn, Holland (July 2008)
Amazing sunsets & sunrises, hummingbirds, peaceful moments, great food,  So relaxing we don’t want to leave! 
Grace & Dave, UK (September 2008

I didn’t know such a place could still exist.  It was purely fortuitous that I came here and my first reaction was… don’t tell anyone!
Sarah (March 2002)
The stay was wonderful!!!  The Nipton Hotel was used as a “home base” for discovering new treasures in the high desert.  I’ve been coming to the Mojave since the early 1970’s to photograph.
John (April 16-19, 2002)

Happy New Year!  Fun was had by all – a wonderful party in the new café and “good” food was served.  I wouldn’t have wanted to be any where else but here for New Years Eve.  What a great way to bring in the new year with many new friends and the company of my husband.  May God bring us all peace and good health this next year!  Best wishes
– Diane (January 1st, 2000)
We all sat in the hot tub under the stars while a 92 section train passed by.  An experience not to be forgotten.  Its wonderful to be in such an amazing desert. 
The Wiles Family, Cambridge, England (April 2000)
The magic of this place is unique and mesmerizing, incredible, grazie
Giorgio (September 2000) 

I have always said that my soul is in the desert.  And so it must be, for while I live in a Joshua tree and cactus filled environment my husband I chose Nipton as our first getaway from the kids.  No place on earth could be more idyllic for us than this old hotel… How wonderful to experience not just a different place but a different time.
Dave and Kendra (March 1993)
Sue and I came 3,000 miles to see the desert.  We did.  We saw the desert and the sky.  I cried.  Marvelous time.
Pete (October 1990)

What a wonderful place to “get away” & to fall in love again.  We love it here and plan on returning as often as we can.
Lenny and Leeky (February 1988)
What a beautiful oasis in the middle of the desert!
Allan and Lyra (August 1988)
By chance ran into a girl that grew up across the street from my home in Philly!  She was another guest at the Nipton Hotel.  Hadn’t seen her in 20+ years!  Small world!
Jim and Bonnie (April 1989)

Birth of Nipton Twilight
By George Sobero
There it goes
A mute shot across the dawn
Scorching the sky with a long white tail
That wags and falls and disappears,
Swallowed by rising currents from
Silhouetted mountains that pierce the paper horizon
Hiding the light, stealing the day from the
Gorging desert which has become fat, overfed by the sun
And off to bed early under a blanket of
Tropical sky colors
Recipe for a stay at the Hotel Nipton:
By Donna (October 1992)

1 cup Quiet
1 cup Peace
2 cups Old Charm
1 cup Beauty
1 rare find
1 midnight train
1 starry sky
2 Souls at ease
1 whiff of desert air

Gently sift together and sprinkle Inspiration.  Add a touch of Spiritual Presence.  Relax and enjoy!
So Nipton was where we laid down our packs
A perfect spot to relax by the tracks
We sipped beers as the trains rattled by
And counted lightning bolts crisscrossing the sky
We truly feel like we’ve stepped back in time
To never visit here again would be a crime
And yes the pork chop was a meal of wonder
Why don’t you mail us some more down under
--Andre and Catherine, Austrailia (July 2009)

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